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My Story

“My name is Chris Munch and I’ve been involved in online business and marketing for over 15+ years now.

I grew up around my father who built custom kitchens in his workshop. He worked long, tough hours and carried tremendous stress on his shoulders. He always told me “I don’t want you doing this when you grow up” and that message stuck with me.

I was fascinated with the idea of making a living from things I did online. So I started building blogs in consumer niches, using a very ‘bare bones’ version of what you’re going to see later in this book, to get traffic and buyers.

My biggest campaign drove about 50,000+ visitors in a day and generated $1,000+ in a single day, for the first time. Knowing what I know now, I could have made 10x to 50x more money that that! But at least I knew I was on to something…

I started to get software developed that would automate some of the things I did every single day to get traffic. Making things a little easier and a little faster would let me get the biggest results for minimum effort. My blogs started making me a passive $100,000+/year and I wanted to share what I had built and discovered.

Maybe it was watching my father as I grew up… or the gratitude I felt towards the smart and hard-working people who helped me along the way, while they were building their own businesses and online ventures around me… Perhaps it was my time working for a failing bank that got ‘bailed out’ by everyday people and small business owners making an HONEST living (I quit, by the way).

Whatever it was that compelled me, I wanted to help small businesses and anyone trying to live a good and better life, with more freedom and opportunity… succeed.”