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Hi, I’m Chris Munch, CEO of AmpiFire!

For over 15 years, I have worked closely with local businesses, eCommerce brands, small and medium size vendors in various industries to increase their online visibility.

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My experience led me to discover the need for certain tools in my own business, which nobody had successfully created. As a result, my sites have reached in excess of 30 million people, been featured in TheSun, Mashable, USAToday, Forbes, Entrepreneur, BBC, Wired, & more, and have driven over 100,000+ digital & physical product sales. ”

PressCable provides brands and content creators access to large scale online distributors and helps those who have been left behind in the traditional PR industry.
Visit presscable.com to learn how we can help you optimize your online presence for greater traffic, industry authority, improved SEO and leads!

AmpiFire is the world’s first content amplification engine. It’s a clever A.I. assisted traffic automation tool that creates news articles, blog posts, audio ads, video, images, slide decks, PDFs… and distributes them to 200+ of the biggest and most trusted websites in the world. If you want to see your business grow, click to schedule a personalized free demo today!

MunchWeb is an information hub for the online entrepreneur. The blog provides relevant content focused on entrepreneurship, public relations, marketing, productivity, business growth and success.

MunchEye is an online platform that connects vendors and affiliates together. It showcases upcoming product and software launches and internet marketing events. Stay up to date with the latest launches at muncheye.com.

VidBullet is a revolutionary video creation software designed to get any business or marketer (no matter the level of experience or technical and creative skill) grow their brand by easily producing countless professional, engaging, attention-grabbing VidBullet videos in minutes.

The Asigo System is a unique subscription-based eServices dropshipping business model with an automated 8-figure funnel and targeted local business outreach. It is the fastest and easiest way to create a passive, scalable online income stream without Amazon, Facebook, overseas suppliers or high-risk inventory orders.

The software products are in line with my vision and commitment towards helping small and medium-size businesses, startups as well as beginners acquire a level of online visibility, exposure and resources that are traditionally not available to them

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Leticia Lopez
School Teacher

I started with zero experience in my early twenties and struggled trying all sorts of business ideas. 

In the early days, I was releasing independent websites and software into the wild web, working 100+ hours per week in an effort to grow my business; struggling to pay the rent in an over-crowded shared house at a university and surviving on packets of instant noodles.

I know the journey to success and freedom isn’t easy. Through sheer determination and the power of my proven traffic generating methods, I hit my first breakthrough successes and knew I was on to something after driving 6-figure traffic in a matter of days. 

I made my first $100,000+/yr with a method that forms the basis of everything I do today…  I continue to learn, apply and systematize my way to building a self-funded, rapidly growing and profitable 8-figure SaaS company.  Today, I’m on a mission to make these methods and systems accessible to everyone – not only the big players.

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Karen Sholtes Gibson

"Chris Munch is an excellent teacher. He’s both thorough and interesting. He knows his system, follow it exactly for the best results. In the Amplifire training, he not only talks about how to do things, but also addresses things like mindset. "

D. Daniel

"I bought SEO courses from Chris years ago and I actually did quit my job and I have a small agency with a few staffers now. I have been self employed for 7 years now thanks to information from people like Chris."

Yvonne Morgana Tizona

"I have Chris’s Mantras going on in my head: “It’s a numbers game…” ”Most leads won’t buy...” “Just send that f** email…” “Don’t obsess over one lead..” “Move on…” Think he knows what he's doing and he’s taking effort of teaching us his best tricks."

Janelle Jordana

"Chris is an amazing instructor that is so easy to follow and understand. He makes everything bite-sized and manageable."

Warren Brekwell

"I love the mantra of keeping it simple that Chris often uses. It’s one of the reasons why his training and systems are so successful."

Eytan Dzikowski

"I have been in over 350 conversations and I can confirm that Chris Munch’s strategy is great."

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